g3BlindTimer - The best Free Poker Tournament clock you will find

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g3BlindTimer Setu
- Setup and save your own Tournament Structures, Limit, Pause, BuyIns, Payout, etc.
- Manage Players, all Player Data and Tournament Results are stored in the included Database

g3BlindTimer Timer
- Tells you Small Blind, Big Blind, Ante when the Next Level starts...
- Create and Save your own chipsets (change Color of the Chips and printed value)
- Plays a Sound on Level Change

g3BlindTimer Results
- Summary of all Players and Tournaments.
- Tells you who is the Shark and who the Guppy
- All Data is stored in included Database

More Screenshots:

Add Level
- Easy to add a Level

Managage Player
- Manage your Players

- BuyIn Players into a Tournament

- Load and save your own Chip value sets

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